Services Offered by MSME Legal:

  1. Account Management:
    1. MSMEs, Chartered Accountants (CAs), advocates, Company Secretaries, Cost Accountants, and other professionals can create accounts tailored to their needs.
    2. Efficiently manage tasks related to MSMEs within their accounts.
  2. Knowledge Bank:
    1. Access a diverse range of resources including Acts, Rules, Notifications, Circulars, important Judgments, and contract templates.
    2. Stay informed with legal guidance and schemes pertinent to MSMEs and startups.
  3. Informative Blogs:
    1. Explore a variety of topics such as Legal Compliance, Taxation, Intellectual Property Rights, Delayed Payments, Consumer Affairs, and Contractual Disputes.
    2. Gain insights through critical analyses of high court and supreme court judgments.
  4. MSEFC Case Management:
    1. MSEFC members can efficiently manage cases related to delayed payments.
    2. MSEFC members can access and monitor pending cases through their portal login.
    3. Facilitate the transfer of cases to conciliators and arbitrators directly through the portal.
  5. Arbitration Case Management:
    1. Arbitration centers can seamlessly manage their cases.
    2. Future provision for complete arbitration proceedings software for enhanced efficiency.
  6. Automation Features:
    1. Enjoy unique automation features catering to various stakeholders.
    2. Streamline case management, document handling, invoice processing, communication tracking, appointment scheduling, payment processing, and more.
    3. Benefit from integrated functionalities for tasks like fee management, case diary maintenance, hearing scheduling, event management, interest calculation, legal audits, and intellectual property rights management.

MSME Legal is dedicated to providing a user-friendly platform that empowers MSMEs and legal professionals alike, facilitating seamless management of legal matters and compliance requirements.